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AATIP and that mysterious "metal" sample

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One of the projects which I listed on my 2018 work plan, was to study the publicly available information on the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP.) I am still in the early days of studying the material I have gathered, and placed in my "to do at some stage" folder.

One aspect of this material stood out, and this was reference to "metal alloys." The initial reference surfaced in the 16 December 2017 issue of the New York Times, in an article authored by Helene Cooper, Ralph Blumenthal and Leslie Kean, titled "Glowing Auras and 'Black Money': The Pentagon's Mysterious U.F.O. program."

After describing the program and its sub-contractor Bigelow Aerospace (BASS), the authors wrote:

"Under Mr Bigelow's direction, the company modified buildings in Las Vegas for the storage of metal alloys and other materials that Mr Elizondo and program contractors said had been recovered from unidentified aerial phenomena."

More revelations

Following the revelation concerning the existence of the program, a number of individuals who were associated with aspects of the program, started to give interviews in the mass media.

1. Journalist Giuliano Marinkovic interviewed AATIP program manager, Luis Elizondo, in January 2018. Elizondo stated that BASS was required by the contract to provide a secure storage facility to store data and any material generated by the program. "We are not talking of unknown alloys. We are talking of metamaterials which have isotopic ratios not found on this planet. They would be very expensive for us to reproduce."

Luis Elizondo

2. Dr Eric W Davis was interviewed on "Coast to Coast" radio on 28 January 2018. Davis works for the Institute of Advanced Studies in Austin, Texas. He was a sub-contractor to BASS. His role was to provide broad scientific advice and create a series of expert studies. These studies were tasked with extrapolating our current technology to the year 2050 and comparing these to UAP. Davis stated that he was not privy to AATIP data analysis. There was no mention of "metal alloys" in this interview.

3. Luis Elizondo was interviewed by George Knapp on "Coast to Coast" radio on 25 February 2018, Elizondo was a program manager for AATIP. Knapp asked Elizondo about metals with unusual properties and AATIP. Elizondo responded that they do exist. The material displays unique characteristics. He can't say what the government has in its possession, but as far as BASS goes, there were very unusual properties. found. Isotopic ratios that are very unique. Not found naturally on this planet. Have been analysed and appear to be manufactured. When stimulus used - reacts in a certain way. "I am not talking about an unknown element or a metal alloy." It is not a new element. Origin remains unknown. 

4. Physicist Hal Puthoff was on "Coast to Coast" radio being interviewed by George Knapp on 28 February 2018. Puthoff works at the Institute of Advanced Studies in Austin, Texas. Like Davis, he was involved as a sub-contractor for BASS obtaining expert views.

Hal Puthoff
Knapp asked Puthoff about the New York Times reference to exotic material of unknown origin. In response, Puthoff said "I had a chance to look at some material." It is complex. No new elements. Layers of various kinds of material which you wouldn't expect to be layered. It will be some time before we figure out how to make them. If some more material becomes available we will learn more.

My thoughts

1. As far as I am aware, no-one has yet obtained documents under the US FOIA which relate to the AATIP and material having unusual properties. What we do have, are individuals who were involved in the program telling us that there was/is such material. The details they describe remain extremely vague. Only Hal Puthoff admitted to having looked at some material. 

2. No articles have appeared in peer reviewed scientific journals describing such unusual material.

3. In short, we have no hard data on the properties of this material, nor indeed official confirmation of the existence of such material held by the US Department of Defence.

Earlier such stories

When I read through the above material in order to write this blog post, I smiled. Why? In a diary entry dated 24 August 1988, in Jacques Vallee's "Forbidden Science: Volume Three," there is a record of a relevant conversation between Vallee and one Richard Niemtzow. Niemtzow was speaking:

"In the seventies, when McDonnell-Douglas had a secret study of UFOs under way, who do you think was showing up regularly from Washington to monitor their progress? It was Kit, sent by CIA on official business. He came over whenever one of their aircraft had a sighting. John Schuessler told me that. I found that communication with him was always a one way street. Those guys are trained that way.

"Whatever happened to the McDonnell study?"

"All they got were some pieces of metal, and they couldn't learn anything from the analysis, it was futile. Of course, being an aircraft company, they thought they would quickly crack the design, the propulsion system..."

Different times, same thinking!

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Sketches found from a 1956 Australian abduction case

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I have been continuing my examination of the electronic files of former US researcher Dr. Michael Swords, who kindly provided me with a copy of these extensive files. There are numerous Australian cases amongst this material, which I have slowly been going through.

This post examines an apparent abduction experience, one of the reported earliest for this country. For a comprehensive catalogue of Australian abduction accounts, take a look here.

The source for this particular early Australian abduction account comes from Sydney researcher Bill Chalker, who included it in a piece he wrote for Australian "Penthouse" magazine of November 1989, page 37.

The account

The event took place near Hughenden in Queensland, see the Google map below.

It involved a then twelve year old girl, given the alias of Miss L. She was crossing a paddock on the family farm when she felt a strange force upon her, and she heard a "humming" sound. She felt as if she was being lifted off the ground and fainted.

She awoke to find herself in a large, strange room. The room was not furnished. She noticed an arched doorway leading into a corridor; that there were porthole-like windows along one wall, and that the room had no joins or seams.

After surveying the room, which featured a coloured galaxy display on one wall, the girl felt enormous pressure and again lost consciousness.

She found herself back on the farm, but in a different paddock, with a huge saucer shaped object j=hovering above her, before it rapidly ascended to the west. The girl believed that two hours had elapsed since she initially lost consciousness.

VUFORS material

It was therefore with some surprise that I found that amongst the Swords' material were three pages of documents related to this case.

Document one was headed "UFO 1956 Cressy Station, Hughenden, Australia" and a signature which looks like "F Jedlicko." This appears to be a plan of the object as seen from above.

Document two is headed "Interior of UFO 1956. Cressy Station, Hughenden, Qld, Australia. 21 deg lat. Travelling West." It is an annotated numbered key to features shown in document three.

It is signed in the same name as document one shows, but provides the address Box 183, Elsternwick, Australia 3185. I assume this is the postal address of the witness, who at this stage, post 1956, lived in Victoria and this is why the Victorian UFO Research Society looked into the report.

Document three is a sketch with numbers, showing the girl and the two entities and various features of the room she was in.

A fascinating insight into this very early Australian abduction account. It is a pity that most of the VUFORS archives were lost with the passing of VUFORS researchers, Paul Norman and Judith Magee. 


1. A search of 163 graziers listed for the Hughenden, area of Queensland, listed in the current Telstra yellow pages failed to locate a current station named "Cressy Station", or any owner whose name was similar to F Jedlicko or F Fedlicko.

2. Hughenden, Queensland is at latitude 20.85 south and longitude 144.2 East.

3. An Internet search for a "Cressy Station" located a 1963 paper concerning a Cressy Station in the Great Artisian Basin, Queensland located at latitude 21.8 deg S; longitude 143.8 deg E. This location is SW of Hughenden. 

4. Further search turned up an R S Blacket, Cressy Station, Corfield, Qld 4733. This is apparently Rob and Roslyn Blacket Corfield is to the SW of Hughenden.

5. This Cressy Station is located near Winton, to the SW of Hughenden

A more detailed map is shown below:

6. In my search for Cressy Station,  I then turned to the National Library of Australia's TROVE digitised newspaper collection . I searched for "Cressy Station" and found:

a. "Telegraph" (Brisbane.) Wednesday 13 September 1939, page 17. Owners of Cressy Station, Corfield are a Mr and Mrs R Logan, and son Alan Beaufort Logan who was then marrying Lucy Beryl Wedgwood.

b. "Queensland Country Life" Thursday 17 November 1949 page 11. Sale of rams to Cressy Pastoral  Company of Cressy Station, Corfield.

c. "The Longreach Leader" Friday 20 July 1951 page 11, records the death of Raymond Hough Logan, aged 76, of Brisbane, former owner of Cressy, Corfield.

7. The My Heritage website records the fact that Alan and Beryl had four children. I had my genealogy expert take a look for details of the four children.

We were only able to establish that one was a Brian Charles Logan; who was born in 1942 and died in 1946. We couldn't find any details on any of the other three children.

8. However, it would seem reasonable to me, that if Alan Logan married Beryl Wedgwood in 1939 then it is possible that they had a daughter who was 12 years old in 1956, a Miss Logan, our "Miss L." of the VUFORS report.

9. The name on the VUFORS held paperwork, F Jedlicko or F Fedlicko, or some similar combination of letters, could potentially be Miss L's married name, at the time she was interviewed by investigators from the VUFORs.

10. Can any blog readers throw any more light on Miss L's identity?

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

James E McDonald's interest in Project Blue Book cases - Pueblo, Colorado

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The late Dr. James E McDonald visited the former USAF's Project Blue Book on a number of occasions and gathered together a collection of sightings, which interested him. I published a blog back in February 2017,  about this aspect of his UAP work. As one of my 2018 projects, I am revisiting my earlier work on these selected Blue Book files.


This blog post concerns one of the cases McDonald saw some value in, namely an observation by a weather observer, at a place called Pueblo, Colorado in the USA, which is near Colorado Springs.

Why bother re-examining these old cases? Well, they generally provide  me with data based observations, as opposed to sightings mentioned on Face Book pages, which provide hardly any data points. Secondly, it is always good to revisit/reanalyse cases, to see if a potential mundane explanation has been missed.

Case details

At 10:46am Mountain Standard Time (1746UTC), on 14 June 1958, a Pueblo, Colorado [latitude 38.28 deg N; longitude 104.6 deg W], airport weather observer, Orville R. Foster, aged 51 years, was observing a pilot balloon through a theodolite. He noticed an object enter the field of view at elevation 24.2 degrees,and azimuth 67 degrees (ENE.) He tracked the object across the northern sky (maximum elevation estimated as 50 degrees) on into the SW sky. Here he lost it in atmospheric haze at elevation 8.1 degrees, azimuth 237.2 degrees. The duration of the event was between 4-6 minutes.

The path of the object across the sky

The shape of the object at highest elevation was circular, with an apparently flat ring around the object, and a rounded dome in the middle. It appeared white to silvery white in colour. No metallic lustre was noticed. There was no smoke, no noise,no exhaust, and no vapour trail. There were cirrus clouds present at an estimated 30,000 feet and at times it went behind these.

The upper air winds during that day were from the SW - which is opposite to the direction that the object was travelling in, therefore it was going against the wind.

The observer noted that he had seen high altitude balloons through a theodolite before and this didn't look like them. On the USAF proforma Foster estimates its speed as a minimum 540 mph and, provides an estimate of its diameter as 30 feet.

Project Blue Book comments

The PBB file which I obtained a copy of, courtesy of Melbourne based researcher Paul Dean, showed two trains of thought about the nature of the object:

1. In a letter to the observer dated 14 July 1958 PBB made the statement that many qualified observers had mistaken a high altitude balloon for a UFO. It also stated "Routine checks and research disclosed that an upper-atmosphere balloon, flight No 161, was tracked continuously by the facilities of the AACS and last reported in the vicinity west of Pueblo between the 14th and 15th of June." Here, PBB was suggesting it might have been a high altitude balloon.

2. PBB "Routing slip" on the file stated "This is a toughie. I have approached it from every scientific and logical angle..after performing checks of a/c schedules (both military and civil), radar units, tests and operations, GCC, and others all showed negative..If no resolution, this will be one I must place in the category of 'unknown.'"

The routing slip
The "Project 10073 Record Card" conclusion is shown as "unidentified", "unknown."

The Project record card

Data analysis

1. If we assume that the object was at a minimum altitude of 30,000 feet, then we can calculate its range at three points.

a. Initial position of ENE sky at 24.2 degrees elevation.

Sine 24.2 = 30000/slant range.
0.4099 = 30000/slant range.
therefore slant range = 30000/0.4099.
therefore slant range is 73, 188 feet.

b. Intermediate position in northern sky at 50 degrees elevation.

Sine 50 = 30000/slant range.
0.766 = 30000/slant range
therefore slant range = 30000/0.766.
therefore slant range is 39, 164 feet.

c. Final position in SW sky at 8.1 degrees elevation.

Sine 8.1 = 30000/slant range.
0.1409 = 30000/slant range.
therefore slant range = 30000/0.1409.
therefore slant range = 212,917 feet.

If its actual altitude was above 30,000 feet, then these ranges would be greater than the figures shown.

2. We can calculate an average angular velocity across the sky.

190 degrees of arc traversed. Time taken, between 240 and 360 seconds.
Therefore average angular velocity was between 0.53 and 0.79 degrees per second.

3. In order to calculate an actual speed, we would need to know an actual figure for its angular velocity at one of the three known distances. We do not have this data.

However, Foster does provide a figure of a minimum speed of 540 miles per hour on the USAF profroma. This suggests that he used some form of average distance and angular speed to calculate this figure.

4. He also estimates the diameter of the object as 30 feet. As there is no data provided for the angular size of the object seen through the theodolite, we can only assume that he calculated this figure based on his 28 years of being a weather observer, and knowledge of the actual versus angular sizes of the balloons he tracked, and a comparison of the apparent angular size of the object in the instrument.

5.  The weather at the time was:

a. At the surface - as stated by the observer.

Scattered clouds.
Relative humidity 22%
Temperature 84.4 degrees F.
Slight breeze - 5 knots from SSW.

As given by the website weather underground

Temperature 82 degrees F.
Wind speed - 5.2 knots.
Wind direction From the south.
Barometer 29.75 inches Hg.

b. Upper air winds

The observer stated "Upper air winds during the day were from the south west quadrant."

I checked the University of Wyoming's global upper air readings database for Colorado Springs for that date. Unfortunately their records do not go that far back.

McDonald documents

US researcher Barry Greenwood located and forwarded three documents from his archives, which show that McDonald followed up the sighting in June 1970.

He contacted the US Weather Bureau in Pueblo, Colorado and asked them to check their logs for the sighting. The response stated that their observation log for 14 June 1958 contained the following entry:

"UFO sighted at 1046M while taking Pibal ob. Elev. 24.2 deg, azimuth 247.0; followed with theodolite for about 5 mins. Moved across northern sky, lost to view at Elev. 8.1 deg azimuth 57.2 deg. Color white, dome shaped in center, with circling ring. Higher than ci clds, moved very fast to SW."

There is a note that these azimuth readings are 180 degrees from true. Weather theodolites had South as 0 degrees azimuth.

With an address supplied by the Weather Bureau, McDonald wrote to Foster proposing a date for a telephone interview. We have no records of this interview, if it occurred.


An unusual object travelled against the upper air winds, at a speed which the observer estimates as at least 540mph, and was described as circular, with an apparently flat ring around the object, and a rounded dome in the middle, with an estimated diameter of 30 feet.  It appeared white to silvery white in colour. No metallic lustre was noticed. There was no smoke, no noise,no exhaust, and no vapour trail. The observer was adamant it was not a high altitude balloon.

I can see why PBB allocated it to the "unknown" category.


I wish to thank Robert Powell, and other members of the NICAP forum for their kind comments on my initial data analysis, which has been amended above based on their comments.

I also wish to thank Barry Greenwood for locating the documents which show James E McDonald's follow up of the sighting.

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I shot at a UFO

Hi all,

I have read of cases from overseas where individuals have claimed to have used a gun to fire at UAP. However, until today, I had never come across such a reported occurrence here in Australia.

I was browsing through a global collection of data, compiled by US researcher Michael Swords and located an Australian sighting, sent to the USA, by the Australian Centre for UFO Studies.

Part of the report form

What I found was an investigation report by R Delillo and R H Marx (reference number NA78072.) They interviewed one of the two witnesses on 12 June 1978.

Part of the investigation report
Mr G Cooke was then a 27 year old motor mechanic from Liverpool, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. He was married with two children. At the time of the incident he was with a friend on a property near Orange, New South Wales, in June 1969. His statement reads:

"We went to Orange to go shooting. It was at a place about 10 miles out of town and fairly hilly and very rocky, with large boulders six feet in diameter and a few trees.It was a grazing property but we were on a slope which was above the area used for grazing. We had been out for quite a while, about 3 hours.

We were going up a hill which was fairly steep in a four wheel drive vehicle and were getting no further. My friend and I got out of the vehicle and were standing around it discussing what to do when we noticed a light in the sky.

We were about half way up the hill, that is about 200 feet from the bottom of the hill and there was another hill opposite us with a creek in between the two hills.

Sketch of the scene
The light was above the hill opposite us.It appeared to be like the headlights of an aircraft but it was moving very, very slowly towards us. I didn't take any notice of it thinking it was an aircraft.

After a couple of minutes it seemed to be at a point above the opposite hill about 50 feet above the tree line on top of the hill. It then began to move slowly down the front of the hill. We then turned our car headlights off because we didn't know what might happen. We could tell its position because the light lit up the tree tops in an area directly below it. The light appeared to reflect off the leaves in the tops of the trees but did not illuminate the ground below the trees.

At this stage we thought it might be a helicopter but there was absolute silence. After about 3 or 4 minutes it reached a point level with us on the opposite hill and came to a stop. It looked just like the headlight of a car but lacked the distinct beam of a car headlight. It was very bright, with the colour of a quartz halogen headlight.Very white and gave the impression of being slightly larger than a car headlight.

We didn't know what to do and were beginning to feel uncomfortable. It was still about 50 feet above the trees and we could estimate the distance since the hill was behind it. My friend said "Oh blow it" and picked up a rifle and fired at it. As soon as he fired the shot the light went out. He used a 243 rifle and was a pretty good shot. The light left a brief after image for about 2-3 seconds. After half a minute we trained spotlights all over the hill but could not see anything. We went immediately home.

We discussed the event that night and couldn't sleep well for we had no idea what it could have been and were afraid it might have been a fellow with a torch. We went back the next morning and spent a couple of hours searching the hill for any signs; vehicle tracks; footprints; anything, but found nothing. It had been raining the night before the incident so if anyone had been there they would have left tracks in the very soggy ground.

To this day I have no idea what it could have been."

A second shooting incident

Intrigued by the above account I did a search of my Australian newspaper clipping collection, scouring them for any such accounts. To my surprise, I found details of a second shooting incident.

The page one head-lines of an uncited Sydney newspaper, dated Monday 7 May 1979 were:

Page two of the story

"Shots fired as UFO panics town."

"A local civil servant fired a volley of shots at a UFO hovering over the West Australian town of Eucla.

And UFO fever has gripped this tiny town following sightings over the past three nights of a mystery red and silver object.

The 20 townspeople are in a whirl over the sightings but a spokesman for the RAAF said it was unlikely to send an aircraft to intercept the UFO.

A local agricultural officer who fired a high powered rifle at the UFO said "It zoomed off in a flash."

At lunchtime yesterday several people who sighted the cigar shaped shiny UFO which appeared to be moving towards the town from the South Australian border.

After the sighing the object veered away from Eucla but was spotted by several people throughout the afternoon.

The shots were fired at the object by Mr A Hardy, a permit control officer with the Department of Agriculture.

"I just wanted to see what would happen," Mr Hardy said.

"It zoomed off in a flash to a much greater height and sat there for three or four hours...

Eucla police believe it may be just a bunch of helium filled party balloons which escaped from a  dance at a nearby hotel..."


They say our memory fades as we age. A check of this blog reveals that this second story featured in a previous blog from 2013.

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Projects for 2018

Hi all,

As regular blog readers will be aware, I have just returned from a three month "holiday" from UAP research. Taking a step back from my usual hectic research pace, has been of great benefit. It has allowed me to take a look at just what future research projects I wish to focus on. Strangely, it was only yesterday that an interstate colleague asked me what research I intend to undertake in the coming months? Here is what I told them:

(1) An examination and analysis of the publicly available 'evidence' put forward so far by the To The Stars Academy, about the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program.

(2) Analysis of current Australian UAP sightings, as reported to Australian research groups, and through Face Book pages. It has been a couple of years now since Melbourne based researcher Paul Dean and I took a look at a year's worth of Australian sighting reports.

(3) An exploration of a further number of the radar/visual and other cases which took the interest of the late Professor James E McDonald. For the background to my interest in this, click here

(4) More in-depth "cold case" work on a limited number of classic Australian UAP cases. For a listing of some of my previous work in this area, click here.

(5) Further work on the electronic preservation of Australian UAP periodicals.

(6) Putting together a document of source material on Christopher "Kit" Canfield Green. This idea originated with the recent series of posts that Pauline Wilson wrote here on this blog. I have previously compiled dossiers on such individuals as Dr Richard Charles Niemtzow and Dr Richard M Neal

(7) A critical re-examination of the works of a number of well known, high profile, current Australian researchers, with a view to exploring the science behind their beliefs.

I will post the results of my research here on this blog.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Keith's "holiday" concludes

In a previous post dated 20 December 2017, I advised that I was taking a break from UAP research. I have now been absent from UAP research for just over three months, and am returning mentally refreshed. Each break I have taken, has allowed me the ability to pursue other interests during that time. I have renewed my long-term enjoyment of astronomy, meteorology, and SETI, which I will continue alongside my UAP research.

Now for a word about my co-blogger, Pauline Wilson. Pauline wishes me to advise readers that she is withdrawing from public UAP research, citing the lack of any real research efforts taking place here in Australia. You will have gathered from her posts since January, that after examining the current state of Australian UAP research, that she has become disillusioned with it. I fully understand her position, as many of her sentiments reflect my own views. I wish to thank her for her time in contributing to our joint blog, firstly in the late 2000's, and just recently. She has always preferred to work "in the shadows" and she is returning to that place.

I will shortly be recommencing contributing posts to this blog.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Christopher 'Kit' Green - some additional data

Dear Readers,

You will have noticed that I have been posting more frequently than my usual once a week schedule. The reason for this is that I was hit with an unseasonal dose of the flu, and have been off work for a while. But now I am on the road to recovery. However, this work "downtime" has not been wasted, as I have been able to spend more time researching the work of US researcher Kit Green.

I thought that I had brought together all the information available on the Internet, about Kit Green's interest in UFOs. I was wrong. Earlier today I was looking at his entry on LinkedIn and noticed that Green advises that he was the founder and CMO of "Enscion Corporation" between 2000 - present - 18 years.

An Internet search for information about Enscion Corporation brought me to a website for the firm. This told me that the firm advises other firms on potential risks for employees, in terms of "developing certain chronic conditions." One of the ways it does this is by the use of "genetic...information."

I then typed in "CMO Enscion" into a search engine, which brought up an odd page. The text of this page is shown below.

"Still Unknown: unknown object in right hand, see picture/image at bottom, unknown humming and white noise in right ear.

All testing was done at the Wright-Patterson AFB Medical Center for (RM Collins) except where noted. Eleven (11) different tests over 16 months.

Four (4) brain MRIs dated:
03-13-012: focused on auditory center, no pathologies.
08-05-011: normal, no pathologies, no trace of any strokes.
03-22-011: normal, Intracranial, no pathologies.
12-27-010: normal, no pathologies.

Comment: UBOs? Unidentified bright objects noted in MRIs. Thought to be aging vessels, but, much younger people seem to have them in the same areas.

Two (2) X-rays, right hand and left index finger dated:
08-16-011: did not show object.
02-18-011: left index finger, did not show very tiny object.
Two (2) CT scans: sinuses and right hand/wrist dated:
04-11-012: right hand and wrist. Normal except for object shown as just a bump.
02-01-012: sinus area, normal except for inflammation caused by allergies.
Nasal Endoscopy done by Dr Balazs, Dayton, Ohio dated:
01-30-012: normal except for inflammation caused by allergies.
2/1/2012 11:19 AM

I called to just let you know that I planned on talking to Dr. John Balazs today (Dayton). I did. 

He is a good guy. He is well-versed in attempting to understand difficult - to -diagnose cases, especially hearing cases. He has, as you know, ruled out many possibilities for your noises, including cardiovascular, inner ear causes of tinnitus, issues associated with the hearing tests (he agrees they are normal in your case) and more. 

He is very willing to order the MRI to examine the matters I spoke about. He should be very willing now to refer you to have the MRI (this was done on, 03-13-012), with no further need for justification...he agrees it should be done.


Christopher Green, MD, PhD, FAAFS Professor, Diagnostic Radiology & Psychiatry Assistant Dean / Asia-Pacific  Wayne State School of Medicine Chinese Academy of Sciences Chairman, Med:For, Inc. CMO, Enscion Corporation
Right arm and hand nerve conduction test dated: 
02-07-012: normal.
EEG dated:
04-25-012: no evidence of epilepsy.
Hypothesis: right hand object is causing the white noise/humming in right ear by going through the Auditory center of the brain then to right ear.

*Conclusions: No explanation for right hand object or white noise/humming in right ear. Dr Nagasawa, WP Neurologist asked on 18 April 2012, 'what do you think it is?' From outer space I said. He just nodded.
Teleportation and Humming... 

Teleportation, it's the space that moves. Unlike Star Trek, or like it in the 2009 movie, it's the space that carries the object or information instantaneously.
Albert Einstein called it, 'Spooky action at a distance.' And, it is spooky for some when 'they' instantly appear in your bedroom. 

Implant (in right hand, see picture below, taken 04-03-012, originally appeared, 01-24-011) would turn on every 10 seconds (October 9th and 10th, 2011) with a strong humming sensation felt. 

Right hand puffy area below ball bearing looking object (looks Metallic said the WP Neurologist) is a needle mark. See cropped image below showing more detail.

No EMF detected coming from the implant/object using a gauss meter, but a magnet does turn the object on.

We do primitive quantum teleportation in our laboratories, other species (reportedly 10,000 years ahead in some cases) have come a lot further it seems. The real teleportation, it's the space that moves. Unlike Star Trek or like it from the last movie, it's the space that carries the object or information instantaneously. The government calls it, 'hyper burst communications.'

Copyrighted©2012-2013 Peregrine Communications"

What to make of it?

There is a Dr John Balazs of Dayton, Ohio. He is an ear, noise and throat specialist, which would fit in with some of the symptoms being reported by "Bob" the patient involved.

There is a Dr Glen Nagasawa, a neurologist, who practices in Dayton, Ohio. Again this would fit in with some of the symptoms being reported by "Bob" the patient. 

The Wright-Patterson AFB Medical Center is just east of Dayton, Ohio. 

R M Collins would appear to be Robert Michael Collins, an associate of former AFOSI special agent Richard C. Doty. It is known that Kit Green and Richard Doty were associates. 

There is mention of symptoms of an "...unknown object in right hand, see picture/image at bottom, unknown humming and white noise in right ear." This is suggestive of the description of a so called "implant" in an abductee.

The phrase "No EMF detected coming from the implant/object using a gauss meter, but a magnet does turn the object on" utilises the term "implant" and mentions no detectable EMF, plus mention of using a magnetic to turn the object on. This terminology is reminiscent of work by by Dr Roger Leir. Leir described implants as emitting radio waves in the FM band; and showing electromagnetic fields in excess of ten milligauss. 

This page of text was on the website called "ufoconspiracy" and has no dates later than 13 March 2012. The site features a book "UFOs: Exempt from Disclosure by Collins, and Doty.


The text appears to be a series of notes about an investigation into the nature of an unknown object in the hand of an individual, probably Robert Michael Collins himself, from the text of Green's email to "Bob." I believe this is confirmed when you visit this part of the website

Collins as editor for the site writes: "A question has come up from viewers, 'why do they always show up when you're outside? The best answer I think is what's in my right hand, see attached, and it hums and stings when you rotate any object over the top of it. No Emf measured."

Collins prints a photograph of a hand. This is the same photograph which appears in the "odd page" text. This confirms that the individual with the "implant" is none other than Robert Michael Collins, and Kit Green was in on the investigation. 

AATIP and that mysterious "metal" sample

Hi all, One of the projects which I listed on my 2018 work plan , was to study the publicly available information on the Advanced Aerospac...